Saturday, July 25, 2015

And The Years Pass Like Nothing...

Here I am, more than four years later, updating again. Not that it should be expected, given that this is my original, long defunct blog. Except... this one is not defunct! The immediate successor now is because PHP updating finally broke pMachine, near as I can tell. Most of what was ever published to the immediate successor to that now is, subject to making Expression Engine play nicely with newer PHP, and subject to it being tucked away in an archival folder, mostly never ported to WordPress. The immediate successor to that isn't dead, but is also an archival EE blog, mostly never ported, where the single largest output went from me and the Accidental Jedi. The latter form of Blogblivion remains, but has been inactive while we went back to Accidental Verbosity (thus WordPress) and proceeded to ignore it, mostly. Or get in trouble for saying the wrong things, which isn't exactly encouraging to wanting to write, no matter how stupid I was being at the time.

So. Life. The kids are getting old, even though we stay the same. It's amazing.

The oconomy rejected me. I am increasingly obsolete at technical work. I have had and enjoyed the same part-time but take almost full-time out of me due to the exertion and wee hours nature of it for going on seven years. I have come to think of myself as semi-retired. I sometimes do stuff on the side, and we've been muddling through. I'm trying to improve upon the on the side part without upsetting the status quo counter-productively. We'll see what happens.

Most of what I wrote in the previous update is no longer applicable. Links are dead or no longer relevant - that sort of thing. This is the main thing I wanted to point out by updating. If there is ever more to report, perhaps I shall update again, sooner. At least Blogspot seems to be eternal. Assuming that's a good thing. I'm kind of over the whole pen name thing, but I don't necessarily want to be overt about taking off the glasses and calling myself Clark Kent to the world, either.