Sunday, April 10, 2011

Man, it's been a long time since I updated! And why would I, after moving on to bigger and better blogging, and then co-blogging, and, well...

There was the blog that directly followed this, then there was Accidental Verbosity with Deb, which became Blogblivion, though oddly I never liked that as much, despite the clever coinage. Then we separated, except we still share a place, along with our three amazing kids.

I tried continuing to blog the same place, and others we'd already started besides. The blogging drought, marriage failure and economic crisis I was a leading indicator of (sorry!) all seemed to go hand in hand. I tried blogging at my old place, but not all the way back to this old place. Though I am amazingly impressed with how Blogger has advanced over the years. I tried Twitter, relatively early compared to some. I tried a blog meant intentionally to be not-verbose and personal and then to go with Twitter.

Eventually I settled on, AKA Solo J Enterprises, conceived on the idea that I could use it as the central portal to a blogging empire of topical blogs, where content would be aggregated, and where I would also promote myself as a blog administrator and content producer (also known as a writer) for hire. Just one more way to make a few bucks, perhaps, in a world of far too few bucks aiming my way. That last has not actually happened, though I have decided to reopen my virtual doors as a provider of computer/tech support. Work I can hardly expect to generate if I actively state I am no longer accepting such work...

What has actually happened is has become my primary point of blogging content creation, with much of it being posted simultaneously to whichever topical blog it fits on. A small amount goes only on the central one, or only on a topical one, but as it stands the main reason to read a given subsidiary blog is if you only want a certain type of post and don't want to wade through the firehose of all the posts.

If you wander through here, by all means, feel free to visit.