Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Where Are They Now?

It's long past time for an update.

This was my original blog, and if you have landed here on the main page, you might well find interesting content if you poke around through the archives.

In fairly short order, I moved Jay Solo's Verbosity to regular hosting, using pMachine to run it. Again, that remains if you'd like to explore the archives.

I also hosted the home page for Carnival of the Capitalists in the same location, prior to replacing it with a Carnival of the Capitalists blog. Jotzel is a new project associated with Carnival of the Capitalists. You should be sure to check it out if business interests you at all.

In late 2003, I got to know Deb Yoder, of The Accidental Jedi, a now defunct blog (which may get reproduced somewhere eventually for archival purposes). I flew to Fresno to meet her in person the night of 12/25/03, we married in Las Vegas on 1/2/04, and at the end of January I returned and we moved her across the country to Massachusetts. On 9/29/04, our lovely daughter, Sadie, was born. But I am getting ahead of myself.

After we were married, we started a joint blog, named with oddly juxtaposed words from our respective individual blogs. That is where I am blogging now: Accidental Verbosity. We welcome you to visit us there.